Poker Affiliate Programs


How much money should I expect to make? 

Small affiliates can earn anywhere from $200 to $1000 a month. Midsized affiliates are earning upwards of $10000. 

How is my commission calculated? 

For every hand of poker played a player has a small percentage of his wager removed as a fee termed 'rake'.  As an affiliate you earn a percentage of this rake.

Can I get into legal trouble for this?

There has yet to be any legal action taken against an affiliate for promoting a poker room.

Are these programs free to join? 

All of the programs listed on this website are free. We never recommend you join an affiliate program if they charge a set-up fee. Programs should be in the business of making money from your sales, not from recruiting you.

How often am I paid? 

All of the poker rooms listed on this website pay at least on a monthly basis, with many sending payment via FedEX or similar couriers.

Are taxes removed from my commissions?

You're an independent contractor therefore it's your duty to report any and all earnings. We cannot provide advise on this. You should seek information from an accountant or tax professional in your jurisdiction.

Do I have to be from the USA?

No, you can sign up for any of these programs from anywhere around the world.

Do I need to be incorporated? Do I need any other type of business license?

No you don't. You can have the payments made out to your personal name. You may seek incorporation if you start earning a significant amount of people, as this could avoid problems later on should they surface. 


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