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Why Poker Rooms:

As stated on our homepage poker room popularity grew six fold in 2003. This exponential growth clearly demonstrates that this market is lucrative and has room for further expansion. 

The most significant reason for the popularity of poker rooms is that previous to the internet it was impossible for such a large number of experienced and novice players to congregate together. Furthermore the large tournaments which were only available to the pros are now open for anyone to enter.

Televised events are drawing a new crowd, that are discovering the thrill of a live poker game. The Travel Channel began broadcasting the World Poker Tour in 2003 and the show became an instant hit. ESPN then broadcast the World Series of Poker. The poker rooms featured on this website enable anyone to win a seat at these and future poker tournaments. Discussion of a 'gambling channel' have also been rumored.

Doug Dalton the poker operations director at MGM stated that 'The surge of interest is unbelievable. It's boosting play on Internet Sites, but also in live card rooms and especially in tournaments.'

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to capitalize on this exponentially exploding market. To do so you should direct your traffic to the market leaders, of which are featured throughout our website.

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